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A Tribute to Whitney Houston Part 1

The Essence of Whitney - A Night of Remembering


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    The Essence of Whitney - A Night of Remembering

    A Tribute to Whitney Houston Part 1

    The Essence of Whitney - A Night of Remembering

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    Show Description:

    It began back in 2002 when I began performing at various venues in the Palm Springs area. I quickly became known as the singer who looks and sounds like Whitney Houston and I was constantly being approached to do Whitney look alike/sound alike performances, which I have always graciously declined. About a year after Whitney’s passing, a great number of my supporters, fans and clients earnestly began urging me that [now is the time to do a Whitney Houston Tribute.] Even my husband, Chris (the skeptic), expressed to me that I should earnestly pray about it because he, too, felt that it was time.

    The thought of doing a Whitney Houston tribute concert terrified me because she has huge shoes to fill; the numerous power ballads and #1 hits she sang felt a bit too much for me. However, my public thought differently...and so did the Lord. So here I am, being obedient to the God that both Whitney and I serve(d).

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