Saturday Night Special Concert benefiting Random Acts' Nicaragua Campaign

Louden Swain & Friends

Saturday Night Special Concert benefiting Random Acts' Nicaragua Campaign

January 21 at 7:15 PM PST - 90 min. show - Price: 250 Notes



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---A game of Words With Friends with Misha.
---The opportunity to be pen pals with Misha. The top tipper will win the chance to exchange handwritten letters with Misha for 3 months or 3 letters (whichever comes first).
---A poem written by Misha, personalized about you.
---Something knitted by Misha.


Signed Items:
---Custom Saturday Night Special bass drum cover. Signed and contributed by Louden Swain.
---Pair of Stephen Norton's drumsticks. Signed and contributed by Louden Swain.
---Copy of the new Louden Swain album, "No Time Like the Present". Signed and contributed by Louden Swain.
---2016 Saturday Night Special concert t-shirt. Signed and contributed by Louden Swain.
---Special edition letterpress print illustration of the Free High School campus. Signed by Misha Collins.
---Special edition Free High School campus illustration t-shirt. Signed by Misha Collins.

Not a signed item, but pretty awesome nonetheless:
---A spot on the 2018 Random Acts volunteer trip to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. **Be the first to secure a spot on the next volunteer trip, tentatively scheduled for February 2018! Only one spot is being offered as a prize. The top tipper must donate at least $5000.00 USD (the fundraising amount typically set for all volunteers looking to qualify for the trip) to be eligible for this prize. Winner will be responsible for their own trip expenses (airfare, lodging, meals, etc.). This prize is not transferable.**

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Show Description:

Broadcast live from Creation Entertainment's Official Supernatural Convention in Jacksonville, Florida!

Join Louden Swain and friends for a very special livestream of the Saturday Night Special concert benefiting Random Acts' Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua campaign.


** Early bird/holiday/end of 2016 ticket special **
From December 21st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016, the ticket price will be 200 notes ($20.00 USD). Starting January 1st, 2017, the ticket price will increase to 250 notes ($25.00 USD).


A little about the Dreams to Acts: Nicaragua campaign:

In Nicaragua, being born in a rural community often precludes access to high school education and all the opportunities in life that come with it, especially for women. Many rural families practice subsistence farming and do not generate enough income to meet their basic needs even excluding education. The Free High School of San Juan del Sur gives these and other individuals who are excluded from regular schools a chance at secondary education and a better life. In 2012, Random Acts fundraised to help them purchase a bus. In 2015, Random Acts set their sights much higher: funding a Center for Human Development, which will serve as a beautiful campus for the Free High School.


What is the money being raised going towards specifically?

The funds raised will be used to purchase furniture for the first completed building, including desks, chairs, and teaching tables; a new grand staircase for the campus; and the construction of additional campus buildings, including a possible auditorium. 100% of the proceeds from the livestream will go towards the Nicaragua campaign.


To learn more about the campaign, go to:

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