70 min. show January 28 at 5:30 PM PST Price: Pay What You Can

Michael McDermott Verified artist

The Recovery Show (Thurs PM)


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The Recovery Show (Thurs PM)

Michael McDermott Verified artist

The Recovery Show (Thurs PM)

Show Description:

“The Recovery Show” Songs of healing, addiction and recovery...

Addiction is something I have come to know a great deal about. The psychology behind it, the steps needed to heal it, the trauma that it stems from and the road maps for redemption. In some ways being addicted to alcohol and drugs is good because it manifested itself in a rather obvious way. Some addictions are much harder to detect. It has been said Everyone is on the addiction spectrum. It was something I wrote about extensively even before I knew was willing to face my own realities of addiction. I’m going to curate a show that tries to wrap its arms around this rather expansive, daunting, and often times bewildering way of life.

(Additional show Sunday 1/31 10 am CT)

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