Tip Jar 🎸#Guitar 🔊  ◻️# Portland  🌎#Live  💻#Rock   📲 #Music 📺

Nathan Brydn

Tip Jar 🎸#Guitar 🔊 ◻️# Portland 🌎#Live 💻#Rock 📲 #Music 📺

January 18 at 2:05 AM PST - 30 min. show - Price: 10000 Notes



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    Email me for a GUEST TICKET: buskr.records@gmail.com Nathan Brydn 🎸#Guitar 🔊 ◻️# Portland 🌎#Live 💻#Rock 📲 #Music 📺
    1. <EMOTICON> 🔊

    2. <METATAG> #Guitar #Portland #Live #Rock #Music #Livemusic #Songwriter #Event. ◻️

    3. <DESCRIPTION> Nathan Brydn - Cinematic #guitar, A-432Hz, 200+BMP, 20 Pieces of Content a day, Buskr performances scheduled Worldwide. ◻️

    4. <GENRE> Visual Music, A=432Hz Atonal F#7: A. Protest Songs, B. Happy Fast Songs, C. Foreign Born Artist, D. Lyrics about Saving Money, E. No Music liked by Whitehouse. ◻️

    5. <SPACETIME> Three Free shows A day, Pay what you want and Ticket show $7. ◻️
    6. <CONTINUUM> Live performances broadcast online. ◻️
    7. <LOCATION> Portland, Oregon USA 97207 ◻️
    8. <PICS> Nathan Brydn, guitar, studio set ◻️
    9.<PLAYLIST> "Wild N' Crazy," "Another Beat," "Metal Wheel," "Ms. Jett," "My Woman's Gone Rocking'," "No Way Home Now" ◻️
    10. <STREAM> #LiveMusic Sites
    11. <COMMENTS>
    "This stuff's pretty cool." Nicholas Bourbaki; Mystery Vortex, Oregon. ◻️
    12. <LINKS>
    http:// TWITTER.COM /buskr_records
    13. <PAYPAL> Here's the Tip Jar so you don't have to ask me about it http://BUSK.CO/4942 ◻️
    14. <CONTACT> buskr.records@gmail.com ◻️ <SMS> 615-873-0717 ◻️

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