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The Glass Child Verified artist

Journey Through a Discography #12: This Silence Now (2017)



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Journey Through a Discography #12: This Silence Now (2017)

The Glass Child Verified artist

Journey Through a Discography #12: This Silence Now (2017)

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2 Random winners will also get my brand new full-length album as a physical signed copy ♡

Show Description:

Holy macaroni ... March 26th my brand new full-length album comes out, but I refuse to break the tradition of this beautiful concert series we've started. We will carry it all the way to finally play through the entire new album, but before then we have a few more releases to honour 😌

This Silence Now was a very important EP for me, because it was written and produced during a time when I really tried to develop myself as a producer and songwriter. I felt like I wanted to reinvent my sound a little bit, just enough to feel inspired again. I spent a year working on my production skills, and this self-produced EP was the first step towards finding my new direction, that slowly lead me to the new full-length album I'm releasing in 2021.

1. White Spaces
2. Broadripple Is Burning
4. Black Rose
5. Time, It Goes

Everyone who gets a ticket to the show will get this EP of mine as a free download. I printed a limited edition of 200 physical CDs when I released this EP, and guess what .... I might have 2 rare physical copies left to give to my 2 top supporters ♡

Welcome to a musical journey that will take us all the way through my 10 releases of EPs and LPs, leading up to a brand new full-length album end of 2020. Through a series of online concerts I will play through my records in their entirety, song by song and tell you never-before shared stories of the recordings, lyrics or what I was doing with my life at the time.

Follow along on the journey and maybe find an undiscovered song or two to love!☽

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