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The Love-In: A Benefit For This Is Noteworthy



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The Love-In: A Benefit For This Is Noteworthy

The Love-In Verified artist

The Love-In: A Benefit For This Is Noteworthy

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1st place: Highest bid: Merch Bundle - The Love-In sabertooth tee in color of the winner’s choosing + 1 ticket to The Love-In’s EP release show on August 18th at EXIT/IN in Nashville + The Love-In keychain + a signed copy of The Love-In CD, "Don’t Love Nobody" (minimum $40 donation)

2nd place: The Love-In sabertooth tee + The Love-In keychain (minimum $30 donation)

3rd place: Signed setlist + The Love-In keychain (minimum $20 donation)

Show Description:

Live from their home in Nashville, The Love-In is performing an intimate, live stream show in benefit of TIN.

Lead vocalist Laurel Sorenson and guitarist Theo King will perform this stripped-down set that includes newly released songs “Spotlight Starlet” and “Elio,” as well as songs off their eclectic 2020 debut EP, As it Lays.

"TIN supports the financial, physical, mental, and creative well-being of musicians, chefs, writers, performers, artists, and any type of creative entrepreneur. This kind of work is deeply important to us as we know how critical art is to our society and how undervalued and underpaid we all are as artists."

$10 gets you in the (virtual) door and their are special prizes for top donors!

TIN is a federally registered 501 (c)3. All donations are tax deductible.

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