Show Ideas

StageIt can be used in a variety of ways to help you connect with your fans. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
1 interactive

Interactive Backstage Show

Bring a laptop backstage or into your living room and let your fans hang out with you in an intimate setting. Play some songs, answer questions, and give your fans a front row seat to a backstage experience they can get nowhere else. The production is totally customizable and up to you, it can be as low or high fidelity as you like.

2 fundraiser

Fundraiser on StageIt

Need to raise money for a tour, upcoming record, or charity that is close to your heart? Just tell your fans to head to StageIt to support you in your efforts! Pick a location and put up a show. Raffle off prizes, giveaways, top supporter rewards, and raise the funds you need in an easy 30 minute show!

3 q and a

Live Q&A

Want to promote an upcoming release? Hang out with your fans on your laptop and answer questions for 30 minutes. No music, gear, or prep needed, just hop online direct from your laptop. Even grab valuable feedback on what your fans want to see on the upcoming tour, or which songs they want on the next album! You get free, instant data AND the revenue from ticket sales & tips!

4 listening

CD Listening party

Bring out the drinks and throw a party to preview upcoming songs on your album for fans at home. Not to worry if you drink too much and go overboard, StageIt shows are not recorded or archived!

5 venue

Directly from a Venue

Stream one of the shows on your tour schedule. You can't possibly hit every city, so give ALL of your fans a chance to see the show that your team worked so hard on putting together. It can be as simple as 1 laptop and 2 cables. Simply grab the audio from the mixer, and the video feed from the screens!

6 backstage

Backstage + Venue Stream

Give fans both! A backstage experience and a chance to watch the show all for one ticket. Stream backstage before the show, take a tour of the venue, stream the set, and then follow your artist backstage after the show! Give fans multiple angles of what it takes to pull off your production. Interview guitar techs, tour managers, lighting, producers, and cut between that and the show. You can even bring in a host for the evening and help smooth the transition from one segment to the next. The possibilities are endless here.

7 rehearsal

Tour Rehearsal

Give fans a sneak peak of your upcoming tour by bringing them in for your final tour rehearsal/practice session.

8 soundcheck

Stream Your Venue Soundcheck

Give fans an inside look at what a soundcheck is like with your artist. You can make this as interactive with the online audience as you like. Maybe even take a request or 2 during soundcheck from the StageIt chat.

Get Creative: All you need is a laptop, wifi, and a great idea. Anything is possible with StageIt.