Marketing Tips and Strategies for StageIt Performers

Ticket Pricing

Regardless of ticket type, the minimum price for streams on StageIt is 25 Notes ($2.50 USD).

Artists have the option to set a fixed ticket price or a flexible ticket price. A fixed ticket price is a single amount charged equally to all viewers. A flexible ticket allows the artist to set a suggested ticket price and a minimum ticket price. Viewers may choose to pay anything above the minimum ticket price.

We recommend scheduling your first show at or near the minimum ticket price until you get a feel for the StageIt platform.

Social Network Promotion

Social networking is absolutely crucial in promoting your show. Make sure to update your StageIt profile with links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, website and more.

Promote your show at least 3 times per week on your various social media channels. Your fans may be busy, and they may not catch every one of your posts.

Send your show link out in an email blast to your email list!

Create a contest for fans to win a ticket to the show if they like your post and tag friends in a comment.

Create and share your performer video. Learn more

Ask family, friends, fans, and your pets to help spread the word via their social networks! It's like the classic saying "If a StageIt show falls in the woods, and no one's around to see it, does the artist get any tips?" Every last bit helps!

Concert Discovery Promotion

Share your show with your entire audience. We recommend you use both Bandsintown and Songkick to let fans know about your upcoming shows and have them discovered. Make sure to include your StageIt show ticketing link.

Rewarding Your Top Supporters

One thing that has consistently helped artists raise revenues for their shows has been rewarding their top supporters with unique and personal gifts. We've seen artists increase their show revenue by as much as 300% using this strategy.

Check out some of our favorite examples we've seen used on StageIt:

  • Give out autographed and personalized merchandise
  • Send a postcard to a fan from the road
  • Phone a friend! Call up one of your top supporters mid-show
  • Give the shirt off your back (hopefully washed)
  • Offer to shave your beard for 10,000 notes (Yep...we've seen it)

Sounds crazy, but the more creative you are, the more successful you can be. The sky is the limit here. Let us know what funky rewards you offered to your fans, and you just may end up in our Marketing Tips!

Adding a Performer Video

Post a video trailer to your show's page so fans and soon-to-be-fans can see your video right before they buy a ticket! When you create a show, use a direct url to your favorite YouTube video. Please be sure to use the video's URL - not your YouTube channel URL.

The possibilities here are truly endless. Get creative and awesome with it!

Explaining StageIt to Your Fans

Copy and paste the following when messaging your fans:

StageIt is an online venue that allows musicians to stream exclusive LIVE concerts to fans. The vibe is incredibly intimate, often featuring performers playing from their homes directly from their laptop.

Here's how it works according to the StageIt folks: Go to [paste your show link here], click signup to set up an account and then click the GET TICKET button. It will offer you an opportunity to purchase credits (which StageIt calls "Notes" ; 10 Notes = $1.00). Notes allow you to pay for tickets to see shows and to tip performers during the show. Once you have Notes, they can be used for any show!

See you on the stage!

-Your Performer Name

Reminding Your Ticket Holders

Anywhere from one day to one hour before your show, send your ticket holders a reminder note through StageIt. Simply go to click "edit this show," select all ticket holders, and send out the email. You can use the copy that automatically populates or customize the messaging to your fans!

This will ensure that your fans remember they have a ticket to your show. It's always nice to provide your ticket holders with a reminder to show up! It's like you picked them up in your van to take them to the club with you, only less creepy...

After the Show

After your show has ended, you can easily send a "Thank You" note to everyone who purchased a ticket to your show. This is a great way to "upsell" them on joining your fanclub, checking out your new tour dates, purchasing a new release, or even informing fans about your next StageIt show.

Managing Your Groupies

Well, we can't really help you with that. But good luck! And feel free to contact us at any time for any questions or comments.

See you on the stage!