Rewarding Your Top Supporters

A great way to interact with your fans and increase your earnings in the process.

What is a "Top Supporter?"

Top Supporters are ranked by their contribution to a specific show. This includes the total value of both Ticket Revenue and Tips. Fans can see their Rank on the show page below the video player. The top 5 supporters will be displayed here as well.

You can view the top supporters on the stage before your show ends. When your show is over, you can view all of your supporters in the show report.


Why should I reward my top supporters?

Your fans will be tipping you before and during the show! We encourage our artists to thank their fans for their generosity by having a list of rewards for the top supporters.

At the same time, rewarding top supporters often incentivizes fans to tip who otherwise may not have. Shows that reward top supporters consistently outperform those that do not. We've seen artists increase their show revenue by as much as 300% using this strategy, which is why we so highly recommend it!


What kind of reward(s) should I provide?

Check out some of our favorite examples we've seen used on StageIt:

  • Give out autographed and personalized CDs/posters/merchandise
  • Send a personal greeting to a fan from the road
  • Zoom conversation with the Top Supporter
  • Write a song for a fan. Maybe it's someone's dream to have their favorite artist sing about his or her cat. Make that dream come true for a generous fan!
  • Phone a friend! Call up one of your top supporters mid-show
  • Hand written lyric sheet or set list
  • Give the shirt off your back (hopefully washed)
  • Offer to shave your beard for 10,000 notes (Yep...we've seen it)

Sounds crazy, but the more creative you are, the more successful you can be. The sky is the limit here. Feel free to combine the rewards as well. For example, "Top supporter gets a private Zoom call and a signed copy of the new record."

You can also set rewards at specific price points. For example, "Those who contribute 700 Notes will automatically receive a T shirt!"


Great, but how do I get in touch with my top supporters?

To contact your top supporters after your show, simply send them an email from your show report. Here's how:

  • Sign in to your StageIt account
  • Select Performer Tools, Previous Shows, and view the Show Report of the proper performance.
  • Sort the users by "Total" so that you are looking at the highest supporters on top.
  • Check the box of the top X amount of supporters you are rewarding, and hit 'Email Selected Ticket Holders' at the bottom of the page. Send those top supporters the note below. Feel free to customize as you see fit and include any other information you might need from them.

What should my email to my top supporters say?

Feel free to copy and paste the following text into your email to your top supporters:

Thank you so much for attending my StageIt show. You were one of the most generous supporters in the show, and I'd like to thank you for that by sending you along a gift.

Please send over the following information to this email address so that I can send you your gift.




PHONE NUMBER (If outside U.S)

Again, thank you for your continued support and I will see you at my next StageIt show!