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Evan Lowenstein - Founder & CEO

If you're looking for the boss, you've found him. Not only is he a pioneer of the Hipster-Farmer fashion movement, but he also texts faster than your teenage daughter and does the "4-Hour Body" workout in under 30 minutes. Still interested? Just Google the guy... there's tons of stuff!


Taylor Lee - Business Development

Taylor loves food, Weezer, dogs and crossfit. She's usually the first person at work every morning and very tolerant of the general dudeness of the Stageit office. She was captain of the Yale University golf team and could whoop your butt.


Chris Knific - Product Manager / Design

Half-man, half-facial hair, half hoodie (yes, three halves), Chris makes the site look nice. Originally from Florida, USA, Chris enjoys music, hearing it, making it AND looking at it! He is also one of two Stageit men who rocks a nice pair of white jeans.


Tony Hartman - Artist Relations

Master of the Los Angeles subway system, Tony charms everyone in the office with his dry and witty sense of humor and is known for getting himself into tricky situations. Like many homeless people, Tony once stood in the middle of the road and screamed at passing cars... just because he could. So, the next time you pass by a crazy man the road, you might actually be passing the friendliest Stageit sales rep on this side of the Mississippi!


Dan Bosan - Director of Technology

Dan is not "the guy from the Hangover" as he's often mistaken for when we go get lunch. Dan is very much his own man, and he is THE man. Great developer, arm-wrestler and proud father of two (puppies).


Dusty Black - Production & Artist Relations

Visit our office, and you will likely run into the goofiest, cuddliest, giggliest creature on earth. His name is Dusty, and he came to party. A master of all things audiovisual, Dusty tackles any production challenge with a twinkle in his eye. Dusty's bass has 5 strings - all tuned to Drop D... drop DUsTY!


Marc Geiger - Advisor

Marc Geiger is the head of WME's music department. Under his oversight, WME's industry-leading music division booked over 22,000 live shows worldwide in 2010 and garnered 106 Grammy nominations in 2011. His diverse client roster includes artists such as David Byrne, The Flaming Lips, Jack White, Caifanes, Jane's Addiction, Lady Gaga, Nine Inch Nails, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Pixies, Roger Waters, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Star Wars, Steve Martin, Tom Petty, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Trent Reznor, and X-Japan, among many others.


Eric Garland - Advisor

Eric is the founder of Big Data startup BigChampagne and the co-founder of Live Nation Labs. WIRED magazine describes BigChampagne as the "Nielsen ratings" of online music. Fast Company named BigChampagne to their 2011 list of World's Most Innovative Companies. Eric was profiled in the 2010 Forbes "40 Under 40" issue.


Dana Brunetti - Advisor

Dana Brunetti is the president of Trigger Street Productions. Also an innovator in social networking, Brunetti launched Trigger Street Labs in 2002 - a online platform for feedback and exposure for undiscovered writing and filmmaking talent. Dana has produced multiple films including 21, Fanboys, and Bernard & Doris (HBO) starring Ralph Fiennes and Susan Sarandon which received 10 Emmy nominations. In 2009, he produced the film The Social Network, the story of how Facebook was created.

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