The Stageit Performer Broadcaster App

Finally - a way to monetize your Facebook likes, while giving your fans more than a status update.

Sample FB app

Perform for your entire Facebook audience.

The Stageit Performer Broadcaster App allows you to perform on and make money broadcasting the stream LIVE to your Facebook page. Fans can chat, tip and purchase tickets to your shows without ever leaving Facebook.

Just add the app to your page, enter your Stageit credentials, and your performances will automatically stream to a tab on your page called 'Live Streaming Show.' It's that simple.

How to set it up:

step 1
1. Create a Facebook Page
Click here to create a Facebook Page if you don't already have one. Note: This is different than a Facebook profile.
step 2
Click here to choose the Facebook Page you wish to add the app to.
step 3
3. Connect to Stageit.
Go to your Facebook Page and click on the "Live Streaming Show" tab. Then log in with your Stageit credentials.